The Legendary Butter Burger in Milwaukee

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Wisconsin's Buttery Burger

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Visit the all-American Solly's Grille for juicy burgers and fries.

— Anthony Bourdain

The real butter burger? Check out Solly's Grille in Glendale

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GLENDALE - A sizzling grill, two long diner-style counters and a case of Brewers' memorabilia are likely the first things that a guest will notice. But the experience at Solly's Grille goes well beyond atmosphere or appearance. Such things certainly matter in the restaurant industry, but in the case of owner Glenn Fieber's establishment, the highlight is the food and likely always will be.

Cheesehead Burger
— Geoff Bruce

Burger Recipes

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Smashed burgers, cheeseburgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, we're pretty much crazy about all burgers. Get recipes for all of these burgers and more.

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The best burger in every state

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WISCONSIN: Wisconsin is known for the decadent "butter burger," and no one does it better than Solly's Grille in Glendale. Featured on the Travel Channel's "Burger Land," Solly's puts a heaping pat of butter on its burger for extra crispness, creaminess and — who are we kidding — deliciousness.

butter burger
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Wisconsin's Butter Burger: An Intense, Greasy National Treasure

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BUTTER IS BUTTERFAT, milk proteins, and water. Ground beef is lean cow meat and fat. When butter reaches its melting point (90-95°F), it clarifies, and turns almost exclusively into butterfat. And when that combines with cooked ground beef, and the two fats intertwine, the resulting reaction is not so much scientific as it is religious ecstasy. At least in Wisconsin.

Solly's Grille Sign
— Kevin Alexander

Burger Chefs Will Serve Milwaukee’s Famous ‘Butter Burger’ for One Night in NYC

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Since 1936, the venerable Solly’s Grille in Milwaukee has been the prized purveyor of the butter burger, which is one-third-pound sirloin patty topped with what seems like a more or less equal amount of sweet and creamy Wisconsin butter. The burger is sliced and pretty much oozes a river of fat onto the plate by the time it hits the table. It’s a treasured regional specialty that no one in their right mind tries serving anywhere else, but next month, patty-melt expert and Travel Channel host George Motz will do just that.

Comes served in its own reflecting pool ... of butter.
— Clint Rainey

The 33 Best Burgers In The Country

The 33 Best Burgers In america

It’s been about a year since our first 33 Best Burgers in the country piece came out. And in that year, many things have happened: Our photography has gotten bigger and SO MUCH better, our reach has expanded into more cities, and I’ve eaten a little more than infinity more burgers. I’ve also come to a more definitive definition of my favorite type: simple. Many of the burgers on this list (we have seven holdovers we couldn’t possibly change, and 26 new entries) embody a commitment to almost austere excellence, sacrificing the show-tricks of crazy meatsor toppings in favor of nailing the genuine article.

4505 burger
— Kevin Alexander

The Best Burgers in America: A Definitive Guide

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Shove over, apple pie. There is no food more typically American than the hamburger. From its humble beginnings as a scrappy street food, the burger rose to a position of global dominance as the most instantly recognizable sandwich on Earth. Its influence—like that of the United States, which is generally considered the hamburger's birthplace—is felt the world over.

— Denver Nicks

"Thrillist" website names Solly's burger one of the best

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Want to try one of the best burgers in the country? No need to travel any further than Solly's -- right here in Milwaukee! Food and travel website "Thrillist" has named "The Solly Burger" one of the top 33 hamburgers in the USA.

The Solly Burger
— FOX 6 Now Milwaukee

What to Eat in Wisconsin

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Since 1940, the slogan "America's Dairyland" has appeared on Wisconsin license plates. So it is fitting that quite a few of the state's traditional favorite foods include ample portions of butter and cheese. Eat like a local in Wisconsin and order a few of these specialties, from boiled fish ladled with melted butter to a byproduct of the cheese-making process that has become a popular side dish.

— Mark Kahler

'This is going to be hard to overcome': Solly's Grille owner persists against the odds

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GLENDALE — Nothing says Wisconsin like a butter burger! Solly's Grille has been known for its version of the delicacy since 1936. For nearly 85 years, the restaurant on Port Washington Road, near Glendale Avenue, has had a loyal following. But right now, it sits empty. "We're about 90 to 95 percent down financially," said owner Glenn Fieber.

— Katie Crowther

Is New York ready for the Butter Burger? Milwaukee restaurant's 77-year-old signature dish makes its debut at Burger Week

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A butter-drenched hamburger that has become a signature dish at a Milwaukee restaurant is coming soon to New York City for one night only. Known as the Butter Burger, the hearty sandwich consists of a juicy one-third-pound sirloin patty topped with sweet and creamy Wisconsin butter and stewed onions.

— Margot Peppers

4 Easy Steps to Making the Perfect Butter Burger Recipe

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If you've ever been to Milwaukee, you know that the city is famous, above all else, for one thing: butter burgers. A butter burger is an extraordinary, perfect piece of engineering, and once you’ve had one, you wonder why you would even bother with any other kind of burger. The premise is simple: After the burger has cooked, simply set a pat of butter onto the patty, and let it melt into the space between the meat and the bun on its way to the table. The logic is akin to topping a steak with butter — without any poking or fussing, it melds together with the juices from the beef, creating the only condiment you could ever want (although you’re free to add others).

a close up of a burger on a plate
— Anna Hezel